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First signs of fall…

and a few more signs…

and on the way to school, we pass through a little forest…

we see a little creek of water. (No, no salmon swimming here.)


Hard to believe we live in the suburbs, 15 minutes walk to Microsoft main campus. It is like a little adventure every morning. I cannot imagine what goes in a little boy’s head walking to school in such a path every morning.


My son started going to the public kindergarten a few weeks ago and every night we pack his lunchbox and he chooses what he wants to eat.
I use this little cooler that I have discovered in our garage.


I put some ice packs to keep the food in safe temperature.

I don’t have much experience with packing lunchboxes. Add to that your typical picky eater (OK, maybe not so typical because he is a little gourmand in a way), but still a choosy and opinionated 5-year-old, and you see how the menu is pretty limited.

So far we had luck with:
Whole wheat pita is a favorite (not so much luck with a bread sandwich) with: avocado, deli meat, sometimes cheese, hummus.
Yogurt, cheese ball/string, smoothie/milk, fresh fruit, baby carrots.
Rarely, I will put crackers or a fruit snack

So I ask you, all the parents out there – what is in your kid’s lunchbox?

Please offer suggestions.
Shoot me an e-mail, or better yet, post a comment just below…


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