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What's in your lunchbox? What's in your lunchbox?

First signs of fall… and a few more signs… and on the way to school, we pass through a little forest…

jamie’s dinners by Jamie Oliver jamie’s dinners by Jamie Oliver

(The photo is copied from Jamie Oliver’s web site and apears in his cookbook, Jamie’s dinners). My friend T. brought me this cookbook for my birthday. I cooked Oliver’s recipes in the past and didn’t go crazy for them because of their simplicity – they don’t call him The Naked Chef for nothing (In case […]

Jewish Cooking For Dummies cookbook Jewish Cooking For Dummies cookbook

In the spirit of the Jewish holidays, here is a cookbook where I, and you can too, find wonderful recipes which are easy to make, of course. Some of the recipes I have tried and liked are: Latkes, Oznei Haman/Hamantaschen, Haroset, Sufganiot, Blintz, Cheesecake, Noodle kugel with pears, Cholent, Tzimmes, Yemenite soup, the list goes on […]

Beef Goulash Beef Goulash

Here is a winner recipe for beef goulash by one of my favorite top chefs, Wolfgang Puck (you will find more recipes on his web site if you click the link). I make this Goulash very often. The recipe is adapted from the one in his cookbook, one of my favorite cookbooks: Other recipes I […]

Orzo salad Orzo salad

Orzo is pasta shaped like rice and is one of my favorite kinds of pasta. This salad is very easy and quick to make. It is colorful and delicious. It is festive enough to serve at a party or a holiday dinner. The recipe here is basic, but think of your favorite ingredients and play with […]

Leftovers: Roasted Chicken Leftovers: Roasted Chicken

(Yes, that’s purple potato.) (And, yes, I know it’s a scary photo. My husband says to remove the photo from the post, but I think this is the whole idea – it is a leftover picture and that’s what leftovers look like, right?!). People sometimes ask me for ideas on what to do with leftovers. […]

Baking with kids: Chocolate-banana cookies Baking with kids: Chocolate-banana cookies

My son (5 years old) wrote a recipe. He did all by himself. I’m so proud and happy. That’s’ the recipe: Don’t try to read it, it is written in another language, but he also drew pictures of the ingredients and specified the quantities (some in cups, some in teaspoons, and some in “scoops”). That’s […]

Weekly Menu Plan - September

I thought that in addition to posting recipes on the blog, I will collect a few to create a weekly menu for you. This way you can have a meal plan for the week. How easy is that? It sure does; * Save time on planning and thinking what to cook (that’s the part that […]

Cool tools: Baking must-haves Cool tools: Baking must-haves

To my dear friends, family members, and readers who don’t bake, Having the tools in the photo below will make baking so much easier, and much more successful, oh, yes, and a lot of fun too. That is the secret to a good cake. Kids like to play with those tools too (see here). The […]

Green blackberries are red Green blackberries are red

Saturday was a lovely day, sunny and nice, and we visited The South 47 Farm in Woodinville. It is sooooo cool to live in the suburbs and have farms 15 minutes drive from your home! What a beautiful place, isn’t it?! Flower beds: and herbs… First we visited the animals, and fed them, of course. […]